Delmarva Geographic Community Service Award 2016

FirstMap Team was awarded the 2016 Delmarva Geographic Community Service Award at the 2016 Delmarva GIS Conference: GIS Going Viral


Pictured from left to right: Dave Bennett, Miriam Pomilio, Kim Cloud, Debbie Sullivan, Mike Townshend, The Honorable James Collins and Darin Dell.

Service, Leadership – Mentoring and guidance – Technological and policy advances & Outreach to the Delmarva GIS Community

The FirstMap project, and the team of professionals who have made it a reality, are a concrete example of what the Delmarva GIS Community is about. FirstMap is a valuable tool, visualized and created by and for the community. FirstMap makes it easier for us to create, share and use the most current geospatial data or in regards to our aerials, historical data, to meet our missions of service to our communities. Giving the Delmarva Geographic Community Service Award to a team for the first time is of great significance. It reflects the continuing growth of geospatial data from the realm of GIS specialists, working alone yet reaching out to one another to share, to learn and teach, to a community of professionals from all disciplines, working together and sharing data, insights and knowledge with the world.

FirstMap Team Members: Brad Anderson, Karen Adkins, Steve Bailey, Dave Bennett, Kim Cloud, Dan Cook, Darin Dell, Mike DelTufo, Curtis Kozielec, Rhonda Lehman, Ernest Ntangu, Tony Marge, Marty Mattocks,  Miriam Pomilio, Carlos Silva, Debbie Sullivan, Mike Townshend, and Pam Waters.